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Iphone Photos from NYC

I’m always amazed at the quality of images that come right out of the iphone. The images below are unedited and were just resized to fit in the blog template. Sunrise on Roosevelt Island crimson tide download full film watch full length the toxic avenger online death race 2 movies NYC Subway Shot of the [...]

Sailboats in Seward Harbor

Just came across this photo I took a couple of years ago in Seward Harbor, Alaska. I love the color of the water and apparently, sunny days are very rare. the new appaloosa movie download the expendables full lenght lipstick trailer download pre buy the legend of hell house movie download hd how she move [...]

Fall Colors at Gasworks Park

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Aircraft Geek Alert

I normally get an aisle seat these days but last weekend I ended up in a window on the wing. I love aircraft and am always amazed by how the geometry of a wing changes as an airliner comes in to land and the flaps and spoilers are deployed. the brothers bloom on youtube full [...]

Alaska Trip Photos

I’ve blogged about this trip before, but I rediscovered these two photographs recently and I love them. These were taken with a 35mm SLR & Black and white film while flightseeing in Alaska a couple of years ago. 1. Under-wing shot while flying over the Alaska Range in a Cessna 206 apple film trailer bad [...]

My Favorite Photo From Today

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More Snow in Seattle

The snow is fantastic because it’s so rare in the city. Macy and I got out early this morning to play some fetch at the park. Dog wasn’t too happy to leave… mosquito the rapist aka bloodlust full lenght movie in dvd format watch a viking saga movie good quality watch full tomorrow, when the [...]

Spotted: Audi A5 in Fremont

On my morning walk to get coffee, I spotted an Audi A5 parked outside Roxy’s in Fremont. Really nice lines and proportions. watch wicked lake film how to watch the full film of the prestige how to watch the texas chainsaw massacre movie watch slipstream the film right now watch full version of 2010 movie [...]

Snow in Seattle!

It snows so rarely in Seattle that it’s always a treat when some of it does stick. I was out walking Macy and she absolutely loves the snow. The photo below was taken just before midnight. ¬† amistad film location black water movie part