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Less is More

I’m not going to have many things in my life. But, the things I do have will be exceptional. I believe it’s worth paying more for quality.

Ballard Bridge Operator Tower

Took this while walking across the Ballard Bridge a week ago. While I’ll never understand why rush hour supposedly ends at 6pm, I did find this at the SDOT website: Federal law gives marine traffic the right-of-way over vehicular traffic. The City of Seattle must apply to the U.S. Coast Guard for exceptions to that [...]

Dogs hate it when you leave

Alison took this shot on her iphone while we were waiting outside for a cab. Dogs are awesome. cannibal holocaust filmography n-secure on youtube full movie watch tooth fairy movie stream dvd just cause online harsh times movie premiere downloads howl watch john tucker must die full movie good quality

Great Post on Why Pay Caps are a Good Idea

Tom Evslin has a fantastic post on his blog about why pay caps are a great idea and I completely agree. A free market demands pay caps for those who have been insulated from failure. Should’ve been in the bank bailout billfrom the beginning¬†(although there¬†shouldn’t have been a bank bailout bill at all). The counter-argument [...]

Building Trust

I think there are two components to trust and in my mind it comes down to intent and competence. Both are critical. At LookStat, we’re aggregating microstock earnings data and crunching it to create actionable information for microstock contributors. A critical part of this is convincing users to trust us with their earnings stats. What [...]

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

If someone tells me they have good news and bad, I want to know the bad immediately. I imagine that most people feel the same way. It’s interesting though, if you’re the bearer of the news I imagine you might want to lead with the good. download lilo & stitch when can i buy the [...]

Funny Quote

A friend just IM’ed me this line he read in a forum: some people are like slinkies : they are not good for anything but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs watch the whole life during wartime film download the longest yard avi buy [...]

Life on Lake Union

Another photo from my walk tonight of boats moored on Lake Union. download movie the prophet’s game hq flicka 2 the film cheap fight club film cat people movie for cheap