The 2nd Law of PR…

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb has a post on his posterous blog about how RWW’s competition ignores stories when they are broken on RWW. The post is interesting and well worth reading but the following nugget from a comment by Adam Ostrow of Mashable really jumped out at me.

Nonetheless, we still welcome an email, IM, etc when you think you have something that we might want to link to. Often that little nudge from someone that knows what they’re talking about summarizing why something is important in 2-3 sentences (as opposed to the lengthy pitches we spend all day looking at …)

is all we need.

The emphasis is mine. While there’s no guarantee that your email will get their attention vs. a note from Marshall or Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) who also has some great thoughts in the comments (“I didn’t get releases from any of these companies, so why didn’t they make sure they covered all their bases?”), I think the idea in bold is telling – send a short email, engage and follow up from there.

So, if the first law of PR is build something remarkable, I posit that the second law of PR is keep your pitch short. (I know I’ve been guilty of violating the second law in the past – that stops today.)

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  • Matthew Blancarte

    Awesome post, and very true! The best pitches are kept simple:

    1. Here's what I got.
    2. Here's why you'll love it.
    3. Here's what I want you to do.

  • Rahul Pathak

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Matt. The only thing to add (and you should lead with it) is:

    "0. Here's what's in it for you"

    You should also check out:…